It happens every year – the same day, so you’ve got no excuses. Married or dating, even if you’re single (bring a single friend), you can easily make Valentine’s Day an epic event. First, put on a clean shirt and pants (Klinke Cleaners is always looking out for you). 

Your special activity should be something neither partner has to work very hard for. Cooking dinner for your partner might sound like a great idea, but if you mess it up, or worse, they’ve got an allergy, you’ll be spending that night in the ER. So, if food is involved go out for it! That said, here are the top five alternative Valentine’s Day dates.

  1. Artful Escape – Many cities have businesses like Madison’s Artful Escape. It’s a night out where you and your companion sip wine and paint. It’s a great time before or after dinner.
  2. Lazer Tag / iCombat – Strange as it sounds, this kind of Valentine’s Day date is both fun and unique. In fact, iCombat has a Valentine’s Day Special. So, maybe make it a double date and school your friend-couple on small group tactics!
  3. Winery / Brewery Tours – Trendy is trendy for a reason. The super-popular brewery and winery tours are a great way to wile away an afternoon. Micro-brews and local vintners are popping up all over the country, so odds are you’re not far from one.
  4. Team Tapas – You and your date hit the local gourmet grocery, pick up all the fixins’ for tapas. Together you can eat as you go.
  5. Change Jar Date – It sounds cheap because it is. It’s also the most fun you’ll have budgeting, pretty much ever. Empty out your change jar and that’s your limit for the night. 

Other activities include ice-skating, wintery walks from local hotspots to secret dinner places. Day trips and mini adventures are the rage amongst the more outgoing. Because we know you’re curious, here are the top five things to watch out for on Valentine’s Day. 

  1. No movies! You can watch TV in silence any day.
  2. No rose petals. It’s wasteful, expensive and they do stain.
  3. No stuffed animals. Of people surveyed, pretty much all of them said stuffed animals were lame.
  4. Candles are dangerous; and wax is a real beast to get out of clothing.
  5. Wine spills are pretty much like swimming in ink, so be extra careful.  

Okay, you’re on your own now. Have fun and be safe!

Image credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / ramonageorgescu