If your clothes could talk, they might want to have a few words with you about laundry, maintenance, and repair. In fact, they might even tell you that, with a few simple tweaks to the way you do things, they could look brighter and sharper, last longer, and even smell or feel better.

To be fair, we can’t actually talk to your clothes, either. But, as Wisconsin’s leading dry cleaner, we’ve seen our share of shirts, slacks, and suits. While they don’t actually speak to us in words, what we learn from cleaning and repairing them every week tells us plenty. Here are a handful of things your clothes would be dying to tell you if they could…

Don’t Ignore the Instructions on the Tag

It’s amazing, given how much the average person in Wisconsin spends on clothing each year, to know that many people never actually bother to read the care instructions provided. As easy as it is to just dump everything in a washer, you should spend a few seconds looking at the tags first. What you see might help you to protect the colors, prevent shrinking, and keep your clothes looking great.

Letting Stains Sit is a Bad Idea

Have you ever gotten a stain on one of your favorite pieces of clothing, took it off, and then forgotten to do anything about it? Most of us have. Unfortunately, lots of stains get deeper and harder to remove over time. The key is to take action within a day or two. That doesn’t necessarily mean working on the stain right away, though, because being too aggressive can be almost as bad.

Scrubbing Stains Can Make Things Worse

Just as some people will let stains sit, it’s just as common for customers to bring in items that have been scrubbed relentlessly, or cleaned using a home remedy they saw on the Internet. While these techniques can work on some stains, some of the time, there is also the chance the fabric will be damaged or the stain will actually get worse. If you aren’t sure what to do with a particular stain, call a member of our team for immediate advice.

Please Don’t Skip the Dry Cleaner

Clothing items marked “dry clean only” shouldn’t be washed at home, and they certainly shouldn’t be put into your dryer. We know it can be tempting to take a shortcut once in a while, but bringing your favorite piece of clothing in for professional cleaning is always going to be better than being forced to replace it later.

Storing Your Clothing is as Important as Cleaning It

When you store your clothing correctly, you can have it fresh and ready to wear when you need it. Shove it in the wrong box or hanger, though, and you might create tears, stretch the fabric, or create permanent creases. Visit your local Klinke Cleaners location to learn about our clothing boxes and storage service.

Until the day scientists invent talking clothes, you’re going to have to take our word for it that these simple tips can help you get more from your wardrobe. For more great advice, visit the Klinke Wisconsin dry cleaners blog again soon. Or better yet, stop by one of our locations across the state to say hi!

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