At some point or another, nearly every Klinke Cleaners customer has run into this dilemma: coming across old suits, dresses, or other bits of treasured clothing they don’t have a current use for. Usually, these items have too much value—sentimental or otherwise—to get rid of, but are taking up space in an already-packed closet.

What’s the best way to deal with old suits and dresses?

If you’re tired of looking at them and putting the decision off to another day, we have some good pieces of advice you can follow when it comes to dealing with old pieces of clothing.

First, make repairs – Before you do anything with your clothing item, you should have any rips, tears, or stains taken care of. Our staff at Zip n Stitch Alterations can help with all of that. This is important because you don’t want any imperfections to be worsened no matter which option you decide on.

Then, look into the future – Eventually, you have to decide whether you’ll ever wear the suit or dress again. Be honest with yourself. If it once fit you perfectly, but that was ten years and a few sizes ago, then it might be time to let go of the past. That doesn’t mean you have to toss the item out, but you should be realistic about whether you ever expect to wear it again.

Check to see if portions of an outfit can be used as a separate piece. A suit jacket can be repurposed as a sport coat. Or you could separate the pants and wear them stand-alone without the suit jacket. This is a great idea especially if either the pants or suit jacket no longer fit but the other garment can still be worn.

Repurpose these clothes in new ways – If you love a certain piece of fabric, or have a sentimental attachment to your clothing item, consider using it in a new way. Dresses don’t have to remain dresses, and suits don’t have to finish their lives as suits. You can turn either into a bag, quilt, scarf, or something else, provided you have enough material. You can even combine several beloved items into one new piece.

Donate unused clothing to charity – Of course, if you aren’t going to be using an item of clothing in the future, donating it to charity is always a great option. There could be a less fortunate person who could use your suit or dress to find a job, stay warm, or wear something they couldn’t have purchased on their own.

Any of these options is better than having an old dress or suit collect dust in your closet where it’s taking up space and not helping anyone. If you keep pushing aside the same items in your closet day after day, now is the time to make a change.

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