Do you have an important job interview coming up? If so, you’ve probably already spent a great deal of time thinking about what to wear, which items to point out on your resume, and what kinds of questions you are likely to be asked.

One thing a lot of job seekers neglect to consider, however, is what’s going to happen after the interview. As with anything else in life, handling the post-interview process gets easier if you have a plan in place. So, here are a few things you should definitely consider doing…

Congratulate Yourself

No matter how the interview went, or what the outcome was, you should appreciate the fact that you were not only selected for consideration, but were brave enough to show up and put yourself forward. Not everyone is willing to go after an opportunity, and you did. If it’s at all possible, try to take an hour or two to yourself to celebrate with a small reward. You deserve it!

Send a Thank You Note

You can separate yourself from other candidates as a true professional by sending a brief handwritten thank you note to your interviewer after your meeting. Let the person know you appreciate their time and consideration. Hiring managers definitely take note of these kinds of gestures, which could give you an advantage for this opening and others to come. Also, if someone referred you to the opening, be sure to send them a note of thanks as well.

Stay in Touch

Even if you aren’t offered the job, don’t consider the time you spent interviewing as a waste. Instead, you can stay in touch with the person you met with to see if they have other openings, or may be able to refer you to a colleague who needs help in another department or company. The more contacts you have, the more likely you are to be hired.

It’s always exciting when a customer comes to us to pick up an item that they’re going to wear to a big job interview. It’s a signal that they are on the way to bigger and better things in their lives, and being able to send them forward with a freshly pressed suit gives us a great sense of satisfaction. So, if you’re about to take on the next challenge, stop by one of our Klinke Cleaners dry cleaning locations across Wisconsin today!

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