Summer is in full swing and everyone is going outside! Those outdoor activities are great ways to spend your summer days and nights, but can get costly, especially if you’re replacing your exercise or workout clothes regularly. Here are some tips for keeping your fitness fashion bright and clean. If your gym clothing is a lost cause, you could consider buying some new apparel from Ryderwear. 

Get them out of your gym bag!

First things first, when you get home, after a cycling outing or a hike, or whatever you don your fitness gear for, make sure you don’t store them in a bag. Too often gym clothes remain in a gym bag after use. That’s a warm, dark, and damp place – a virtual Eden for smelly bacteria. 

Turn Inside-out

While you’re not exercising for the fashion statement you make, you still want to keep your colors from spotting, staining or running, so turn those gym or exercise clothes inside out before you toss them into the wash. 

Less is More

The tendency is to put more detergent in the washer whenever you have extra grungy clothes. More detergent can damage the fibers used in workout clothes. Detergent is pretty strong stuff, concentrated and filled with a lot of chemicals that, while not harmful, might be unnecessary for your clothing. So, for a full load of workout clothing, use less than the recommended amount. 

Stop the Stink

White vinegar is acidic and kills bacteria. Bacteria are the main cause of workout stink. So, splash a little white vinegar in with your wash and that will help kill any lingering odors. Remember to dilute it with water and do not apply directly to clothing! 

Less Softener

A real enemy of workout clothing is fabric softeners. Wicking materials will lose their properties if exposed to fabric softener. So leave that out of the mix! 

Cold Water

You don’t want your gym clothes shrinking, so use cold water. It’s less harsh on the fabrics and will help them last longer. 

Air Dry

Machine drying can be hard on any clothing, and sportswear is no exception. Plan ahead and make the time to let your active wear and gym clothes air-dry. They’ll last longer and look better for it!

Image credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / 4774344sean