Have you ever taken your kids out trick or treating, only to find they’re freezing in their costumes? Here are a few tips to keep them feeling warm and looking cool during this frightfully fun holiday! It’s also a good idea to follow this advice yourself, so you’re not freezing. 

Everyone Should Wear a Hat

There’s an old myth that 75% of our body heat escapes from our heads. Although this has been disproven, anyone who hasn’t worn a hat on a cold day knows what it feels like to have frozen ears, a runny nose and chattering teeth from frigid temperatures. And if your kids are wearing a mask, no one will even know they’re wearing a hat underneath! A winter face mask/liner is also perfect for layering under a Halloween mask.

Keep Your Fingers & Toes Toasty

Even a thin pair of gloves can go a long way in keeping kids’ hands warm. And since the gloves aren’t thick, kids’ fingers will still have the dexterity to hold goodie bags and grab handfuls of candy. Even if a costume comes with gloves, there’s a good chance you can layer a pair of knit gloves under them.

At the end of October, most of us aren’t allowing our kids to leave the house in flip-flops (unless you’re fortunate enough to live in a warm climate like Hawaii). But outfitting your kids with a pair of thermal socks, or having them wear warm boots instead of their sneakers can keep feet feeling cozy. 

Planning ahead and following these simple suggestions can make your Halloween more fun and less frigid.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Klinke Cleaners!