Immediate attention to a stain, whether by your Klinke Cleaners drycleaner or by yourself at home could be the key to saving your garment. Let’s explore why a stain should be treated immediately.

A stain on your clothing can range from a minor inconvenience to a heartbreaking incident, but treating it immediately may extend the life of the garment or save it entirely. If a stain is allowed to sit on your clothing it will oxidize, set in the fabric and can become permanent. Klinke Cleaners knows how to handle every type of stain, but we cannot guarantee that a stain can be removed. Some stains, such as ink stains are permanent and cannot be removed, no matter what steps are taken. But other stains can be removed, if they are treated correctly and promptly. 

Did you know that you should never put clothing away with a stain on it, or let it sit until you get around to doing the laundry or going to your closest Klinke Cleaners drycleaner? Stains that contain sugar or even miniscule amounts of food attract hungry insects and the insects don’t discriminate between actual food crumbs and clothing fibers that smell of food. The holes they create can be almost invisible at first but will grow over time and with use. 

Some people believe their clothing will last longer if they clean them infrequently, but even small amounts of perspiration and body oil can contribute to stains and fabric degradation. They can even produce a lingering odor that cannot be removed once it’s been allowed to set too long. While home laundry can breakdown the integrity of your clothing, dry cleaning will extend its life.

Stains that aren’t treated immediately can also discolor a garment or fabric, meaning that even though the stain comes out in the wash, it oxidized and changed the integrity of the original color while the stain waited for attention.

All of the Klinke Cleaners locations are well versed in stain removal, but it’s important that you point out stains to your drycleaner so they can get the attention and proper treatment they need.

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