It’s March, which means the official start of spring – even though it doesn’t always feel like it in Wisconsin. For those lucky enough to have a spring vacation planned, chances are thoughts are already drifting to that all important vacation challenge: tackling the packing.

You can always count on Klinke’s dry cleaning services to spruce up any needed vacation items that may have spent the winter in the back of your closet. In addition, we offer the following packing tips to help you arrive at your destination properly prepared for a great getaway:

  1. Choose the right bags for the job. If you’re flying, check on size requirements for carry-on bags and weight restrictions for checked bags (many airlines charge more to check bags over 50 pounds). Make sure your bag is big enough to avoid overstuffing – the smaller you scrunch items, the more wrinkled they will be on arrival.
  1. Spread everything out on your bed to get a complete picture of what you’re bringing. Then mix and match to see what items can be combined or serve a dual purpose. When you are ready to fill you bag, roll – don’t fold. Let’s repeat that one: roll, don’t fold!
  1. Be a weather watcher. Pick your favorite weather app and watch the forecast so you’re prepared in advance for cooler or warmer than expected temperatures.
  1. Learn about the area surrounding where you will be staying. If you’re going to the beach, for example, it might be easier to visit a nearby drugstore for some essential items on arrival – extra sunscreen, beach toys and snacks – rather than stuffing your suitcase.
  2. Use on-site laundry facilities at your destination. No one really wants to think about laundry while on vacation, but doing one well-timed load halfway though can freshen your favorites and significantly reduce what you need to pack.

It’s always a great idea to start with a list of essentials. No one wants to be caught at the beach without swim gear or arrive at the mountains without the right hiking shoes. Cover those key items first, and have fun sifting and winnowing the rest. A well-packed suitcase offers a great start to your spring break. Safe travels!

(c) Can Stock Photo / racorn