Klinke Cleaners gives you tips for cleaning your winter coats so they’re ready for the winter months and for years of use. Learn how to care for your leather, wool, down and fleece winter wear. 

Winter is just around the corner and we’ve already seen some snowflakes in the area, so how do you clean your winter coat so it’s clean and fresh for the season and maintains its great condition? Klinke Cleaners is happy to dry clean any coats that recommend or require special treatment to keep them clean and in tip top shape, but we also have some recommendations that will help you extend the life and usefulness of your winter coat.

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Most people know that leather and suede must be professionally cleaned or the fabric can be ruined, but a leather cleaner and conditioner may be all you need to remove minor stains. Be sure to only use products designed for leather and/or suede as other cleaners will strip out the natural oils and can bleach the fabric or create their own stains. 

How to Care for Wool Coats 

Wool coats are a fashion favorite and the nicer ones are a bit of an investment, so you want to make sure you care for them in a way that will keep them looking great and extend their lifespan. Wool coats need to be dry cleaned twice a year, we suggest at the beginning of the winter season and again at the end. If you spill something on the coat, blot (do NOT rub) immediately.  Then, contact Klinke Cleaners to ask about treatment as different spills require different care. When not in use, your wool coat should be stored in a garment bag to protect it from moths and other insects that feed on wool.

How to Clean Down Coats 

Down clothing needs to be handled gently as too much pressure will break down the feathers and regular detergents will dry out the feathers. If you want to wash down products at home, make sure you purchase a detergent designed specifically for down. If you’re going to dry or fluff that item in a home dryer, use the lowest setting possible.  Professionally dry cleaning down garments is recommended twice a season, most often people choose to do it at the beginning and end of the winter.

How to Care for Fleece Jackets 

Fleece jackets have become more popular lately and they’re so easy to manage you don’t have to take them to a dry cleaner if you don’t want to. The key to keeping fleece looking great is turning it inside out when washing, washing it alone or with other similarly colored fleece items, and not drying it but rather laying it flat and air drying it.

If you have any questions about how and when to dry clean your winter coats, please contact your local Klinke Cleaners.