For many of us, a dash of perfume is the finishing touch of our get-ready routine, or something we regularly do when we’re dressed and on our way out the door. 

Next time you’re ready to spray that scent, think twice. Because most perfumes contain oil and alcohol, even a fine mist can stain or ruin delicate fabrics. Not to mention what can happen to clothing, furniture, or rugs if a bottle leaks, spills, or shatters. 

The easiest way to avoid a perfume problem is simply to spray before you dress. Most people consider jewelry and perfume the “final touch,” but re-think your routine a bit or store your perfume in a different place. Apply it immediately after you shower when you might, for example, apply lotion. 

If you do find yourself in a perfume predicament, pay us a quick visit at the Klinke Cleaners location nearest you. Often, especially when dealing with fine fabrics, we can do more harm than good trying to remove a stain on our own. Trust the experts to handle it for you!