Raise your hand if you have items in your closet that you love but haven’t worn for ages because there is a missing button, a tiny hole, or a cuff slightly too long. It’s OK to admit it: this is a common problem. The good news? Many of those pesky issues are an easy fix! 

Zip n Stitch Alterations was founded by Klinke Cleaners in 2012 to provide the alterations services our customers need most. From a fully staffed alterations department at our home office in Madison, we offer the same quality our family has been known for since 1958 in making small adjustments and repairs to your garments. Taking care of these problems increases wearability and extends the life of your clothing.

Alterations services are available through all of our neighborhood Klinke Cleaners locations and include: 

  •          Minor repairs
  •          Buttons
  •          Hemming
  •          Zippers
  •          Patches
  •          Adjustments of waist, seat, crotch and sleeves 

For our Dane County customers, garments dropped off from Saturday to Tuesday are returned on Friday. Garments dropped off on Wednesday to Friday are returned the next Tuesday. For our Milwaukee area customers, garments dropped off by Thursday are returned the following Thursday. 

Confession time: how many otherwise wearable items are hanging unused in your closet right now in need of minor adjustments or repairs? Isn’t it time you got the full use of all the clothing in your closet?