Aside from the freezing snow, biting wind and ruinous cold, winter is a great time for fashion. Layers and accessories come out of their hiding spots in closets and sealed plastic bins. Boots, mittens, hats, sweaters, hats and of course, scarves. The latest trend in Woman’s Fashion is the Oversized Scarf, the super versatile infinity scarf, the double-length cashmere, chunky knit and more. Here’s your quick reference guide to scarf materials – what to dry clean, hand wash, and more. 

These scarves are made from the wool of the popular alpaca – think of it as a South American mini-Camel. This natural material is warmer and softer than sheep’s wool. 


Led Zeppelin has nothing to do with the exquisite wool made from Cashmere goats (we were surprised too). This high-end material should be handled with care (dry clean only!) and actually gets softer as it ages and it worn. It’s magic. 


Very delicate, another dry-clean only material. What the classic silk scarf lacks in warmth, it makes up for in sheer sensation. 


Satin comes is a variety of textures and thicknesses, typically very glossy, the fabric is a synthetic a little more durable than other luxury materials and fabrics. 


The old stand by, wool retains its warming ability even when wet. Sheep are perhaps the only ones who don’t love a good wool scarf. 

Whether you are rocking a chunky knit longneck scarf or a Pashmina wool infinity scarf, the only number one rule is know your material before tossing it in the wash. That, and taking off your scarf before eating some nice warm soup.

Image credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Goodluz