Technology is all around us, and it’s often extremely helpful. We’ve come to depend on smart phones, computers and other devices for so many things it’s hard to imagine what life was like without them. 

But when it comes to customer service, human interaction is still king.

That’s why we use technology to enhance customer service, not replace it. Whether it’s in person, or over the phone, we pride ourselves on always greeting our customers with a big smile and a willingness to help. Taking time to understand special requests, or how that meatball stain found its way onto your dress, is important to us. 

At Klinke Cleaners, technology plays a supporting role, but never replaces the importance of human interaction. We use computers to customize your account so we can better understand your needs. Our Dry Cleaning Mobile App provides you with additional ways to communicate with us, and the technology in our dry cleaning machines helps contribute to sustaining the environment, and your health.

Our goal is to gain a clear understanding of your needs so we can better serve you, and the best way to do this is through personalized customer service — one human interaction at a time.