Even though it’s March, the polar vortexes and piles of snow have made this winter feel even longer than usual. Raise your hand if you’re ready for baseball, robins and more daylight. If you’re looking ahead to a spring break vacation … congratulations! We hope you’re headed somewhere warm.

No matter your destination, Klinke Cleaners has you covered with a handy packing checklist to help keep your bags light and travels smooth. First and foremost, make sure you drop any must-have dry cleaning items at your nearest Klinke’s location so they’re ready to wear, especially if they’ve been buried deep in your closet over the winter. Then, consider these top ten tips to help you get organized:

  1. Make sure you have the right bags ready. Especially if you’re flying, double check size and weight requirements and pricing for both carry-on and checked bags. You don’t want to be surprised at the airport.
  2. Weather watch. Is rain gear really required? How many layers are actually needed? It’s great to be ready for anything, but aim to balance being prepared with being realistic.
  3. Start with key essentials. If you’re going to the beach, that’s probably swimwear. If you’re headed for the mountains, that might be underlayers or hiking shoes. Make sure these items are covered before you move on to regular clothes.
  4. Stock up on travel sizes. Most drugstores carry a full selection of needed toiletries, as well as small, carry-on approved containers. You can save a lot of space leaving big containers behind and bringing only as much as you’ll need.
  5. Check your lodging facilities to see if on-site laundry is available. Washing a few key items and necessities in the middle of your trip might feel like work, but it’s one of the easiest ways to lighten your luggage load.
  6. Maximize key basics. A casual black skirt or the perfect pair of khakis can be dressed up or down to meet multiple needs.
  7. Spread everything out on your bed grouped by outfits and in order of daywear versus nightwear. This will help see where you have overlap or might be missing items.
  8. Follow the tried and true rule of thumb and “roll, don’t fold.” It works well to minimize wrinkles as well as to keep items that go together grouped together.
  9. Avoid a destination disaster by tucking liquids, such as sunscreen, in a Ziploc bag. Airplane pressure can cause them to expand, contract and leak … all over your well-planned wardrobe.
  10. Finally, glance through your bag and challenge yourself to remove five things, especially if you’re tight on space. This final tip is especially helpful for those who are classic overpackers.

With this checklist in hand, we wish you happy packing and safe travels! You know where to find us upon your return to help get your vacation wardrobe clean, refreshed and ready to go for next time.

(c) Can Stock Photo / luminastock