It’s time to pull out those summer softball and soccer uniforms again. Klinke Cleaners has tips on how to keep them looking and smelling fresh year after year. 

If you’re serious about your summer sports then your uniforms probably get a better work out than you do. Washing them repeatedly can take its toll on the fibers and leave them looking dingy and faded. Suddenly you don’t look like the star athlete you are. With these tips for cleaning your sports uniforms from Klinke Cleaners you can look your best every time you take the field.

Check the Tag – No matter the item you’re thinking about cleaning, it’s important to check the tag first and check the recommended cleaning method. 

Treat Grass Stains – Grass stains are common in sports uniforms, unfortunately they’re complex stains. Use the Klinke Cleaners Grass Cleaning Tips to get the best results. 

Keep it Cool – Avoid hot water and drying with heat if possible when washing sports uniforms as the heat can cause shrinking and excess fading. 

Rinse – Rinsing can remove most of the harmful elements you come in contact with no matter what sport you’re involved in but swimmers should take note here. Rinsing swimwear after use is vital to protecting your sports clothing. 

Air it Out – Don’t keep your uniforms and other sporting equipment trapped in a duffel bag. The bag will absorb odors and transfer them to your uniform or the smells will linger and settle deep in the fabric. Air out your sports uniform and the duffel bag after every use if possible. 

If you’ve got a particularly bad stain on your sports uniform or want to give it a nice thorough washing before storing for the season, stop in at any of the local Klinke Cleaners locations.