Summer is here, and with its arrival comes an increase in outdoor activities and warmer temperatures. This is good news when it comes to casual t-shirts and shorts that can simply be tossed in the washer and dryer, but some summer fabrics are famous for requiring a little extra care and attention. That’s when Klinke Cleaners, your neighborhood dry cleaner, comes to the rescue.

Let Klinke’s help you beat the heat this summer – and keep your days a little more carefree – by cleaning and caring for your summer clothes and tackling summer-specific stains. A few suggestions:

  • Silks & Linens. When it comes to proper cleaning and care, silks and linens have earned their reputation for being somewhat high maintenance yet they remain summer favorites. Dry cleaning helps keep these fabrics looking their best and can extend their wearable life.
  • Loosely woven knits are a summer staple. Because they can easily loose their shape, they’re great candidates for dry cleaning. Between trips to Klinke’s make sure you fold rather than hang items to prevent stretching.
  • Summer stains. From deodorants and anti-perspirants to suntan lotions and insect repellants, summer fun comes with its share of potential stain hazards. For best results, let us handle your summer stain removal challenges.
  • Outdoor furniture covers. Outdoor pillows and furniture covers tend to take a beating in the elements. Regular dry cleaning can help extend the life of these items and keep them looking fresh and inviting.

Especially here in Wisconsin, where we try to make the most of summer fun, let us help lighten your laundry load so you can relax and enjoy the sunshine!

(c) Can Stock Photo / VadimGuzhva