Taking some time to declutter has benefits that reach beyond a cleaner house. Decluttering has a tendency to improve the energy flow of your home, and literally makes it a brighter, more positive place to live. This helps you have a more positive outlook just because you removed some clutter! Lets take a look at a handful of ways to declutter

Step 1: Make a Decluttering Plan

Any room, or sometimes every room, can wind up full of clutter. Simply diving in to the first pile of junk you see can be overwhelming and intimidating. Sitting down and actually sketching out what you would like each room to look like AFTER its decluttered gives you a focused plan of action. It will help you decide if you need to purchase items like bookshelves, a larger filing cabinet or storage bins. For example, adding shelving or some other type of storage unit to a childs play room gets toys off the floor into an organized space. Decide in advance what type of storage youd like to utilize and where you want to put it in the room. If you find that you have way too many items and you don’t have the time to sort through it all, the use of storage facilities can make all the difference. Plus, you won’t feel the pressure of having to decide what you want to keep and get rid of. Whether you look into self storage winnipeg (if you live in this area of Canada) or self storage units if you live in Australia, you’ll find a solution that can help fulfil your decluttering needs. A second useful option is to sell used furniture that you no longer need/want. This way not only are you decluttering but you are also selling things you no longer want, meaning you can make a little bit of money from it at the same time.

Step 2: Declutter on One Room at a Time

As tempting as it might be to try and clean more than one room at a time, stay focused on the room youre working on and resist the urge to try and do everything all at once. Focusing on one room at a time will get your home looking better faster, and youll have a sense of accomplishment after a couple of hours of decluttering!

Step 3:Enlist the Help of Others
If you have family members in the house, ask them to help you declutter. Make it a family event where everyone, even the kids, can make a contribution. You can also ask a friend or two to stop by for a decluttering day. Even a couple of hours of help can go a long way in revitalizing a space.

Step 4: Be Patient

These days, everybodys really busy. Having only a few hours per week to work on decluttering your home might leave you feeling frustrated. This is why step one of the plan is so critical. Be kind to yourself and take notice of what youve accomplished as opposed to what still needs to be done.

May your decluttering be productive and fun!