Klinke Cleaners gives you a handy guideline that will help you always look your best. For men, knowing what buttons to use on a suit jacket can be confusing, we’ve got the answers with Sometimes, Always, Never.

Klinke Cleaners recently ran across a great article at The Art of Manliness which sums up one of the great questions of wearing a suit coat, which buttons to button. A three button jacket can prove confusing, do you button all three buttons and look like you’re being restrained in your jacket or do you leave all three open and appear too casual? What about all the options in between of buttoning one button, two buttons, which ones do you pick? It’s enough to make the head spin. 

Klinke Cleaners loves the advice given by The Art of Manliness because it’s not only accurate and consistent with today’s trends; it’s also easy to remember. The rule of thumb is Sometimes, Always, Never. Attach each of these words to a button, starting from the top down and you will instantly be more confident when wearing your 3-button jacket.

The middle button should always be buttoned as it pulls your jacket together where it was designed to meet. The cut of the jacket is most flattering if you button this middle button. The top button can be used if it looks appropriate with the jacket. If the suit lies nicely across the mid region while buttoned you may do so, but if it gets hidden under the lapel or alters the fit in an unflattering way, you should leave it unbuttoned.  The bottom button in a 3-button jacket is a weird one as it’s never meant to be used. Believe it or not, men’s jackets are tailored to fit correctly with the bottom button undone. Never button the bottom or you’ll alter the tailoring in an unflattering way and you won’t be happy with the results. 

It’s just that simple, if you’re wondering how to button your 3-button jacket, keep the Sometimes, Always, Never rule in mind and you’ll be dressed with confidence. 

Now that you look great, contact any Klinke Cleaners location to have your suit coat and formal wear cleaned so it looks as good as you do.