Snow in April followed by a sweltering Memorial Day holiday weekend means summer has arrived quickly and in full force! And with the end of another school year here, too, many families will be embarking on the All-American Summer Road Trip soon.

In order to stay organized and looking your best wherever your summer travels take you, following these tips from Klinke Cleaners:

  • Pack based on your mode of travel. Airline baggage and carry-on restrictions can foil even the best laid packing plans, so be sure you know your airline’s policies in advance. Choose a carry-on that fits a few essentials – a toothbrush, swimsuit and one change of clothes – in case your luggage is delayed or lost. If driving, you don’t have the restrictions of air travel, but you’ll need to resist the temptation of throwing everything extra in your bag.
  • Pack a bag for day travel. Soft-sided bags don’t take up much room in a suitcase and are a necessity for day trips and other outings. You get bonus points if your carry on bag can double as your day trip bag.
  • Pack full outfits together and place in a large plastic zipper bag or packing cube so you don’t have to dig for separate pieces. At the same time, keep separate those go-anywhere basics – such as tank tops or plain-colored skirts and shorts – that can be worn with multiple outfits.
  • Roll, baby, roll. It’s been proven time and time again – when it comes to preventing wrinkles, rolling is better than folding packed clothes.
  • Share space if you’re traveling as a family by packing one group bag with larger “community” items that everyone shares such as beach towels, chargers and card games.
  • Stay safe and relaxed by making sure you are fully stocked with hats, sunscreen, any medications or supplements, a small first aid kit, reusable water bottles, and other essentials. Often buying these items on the road comes with a premium price tag. Spend your holiday money on souvenirs instead.

One final tip: bring along your Klinke Cleaners bag as a convenient way to separate out items that will need to go right to the dry cleaner when you get home. With our quick turnaround you’ll be ready for your next summer adventure in no time!

(c) Can Stock Photo / sjhuls