Has your child ever come home from school with paint stains on their clothes or skin?

This is an inevitable occurrence when you’re a budding artist, and many caregivers have asked us what is the best, safest way to remove these stains. Since we’re obsessed with dry cleaning and safety, we have answers … 

How to Remove Paint Stains from Clothes

Water-soluble paint is typically the type of paint that children use to create their works of art. It’s safe, non-toxic and comes out in the regular wash. It’s that easy. If a water-soluble paint turns out being less soluble than expected, you can always bring the garment to Klinke Cleaners for help in removing any remaining stains. 

Acrylics and other non water-soluble paints are best removed by a professional drycleaner for two reasons: we can get the garment completely clean — and most importantly, we make sure all of the stain-removal chemicals are removed from the garment so your child is safe. 

How to Remove Paint from Your Child’s Skin

Just like with clothes, water-soluble paints will come off very easily with a little soap and water. Acrylic and oil-based paints are more of a challenge. These paints do not bond with the skin, and may flake or peel off after they’re completely dry. If not, a little rubbing alcohol and a dry cloth can get paint off the skin and clean your child’s pores.

We hope this information helps keep your kids safe, and their clothes clean!