Do you have an item in your closet you repeatedly pick out to wear, only to discard it because you remember it doesn’t fit quite right or it has a missing button, small hole or broken zipper? Do you have a dozen items like this? If you’re like most people, you do. And maybe you’ve even gotten organized enough to separate these items into a small pile that you’ve all but forgotten completely. It’s time to put these items back into rotation, which is easy and affordable to do using Zip n Stitch Alterations.

Zip n Stitch was founded by Klinke Cleaners in 2012 as a natural companion to our dry cleaning business. From a fully staffed alterations department at our home office in Madison, we offer the same quality our family has been known for since 1958 in making small adjustments and repairs to your garments.

Alterations and repair services are available through all of our neighborhood Klinke Cleaners locations and include:

• Minor repairs
• Buttons
• Hemming
• Zippers
• Patches
• Adjustments of waist, seat, crotch and sleeves

The benefits of garment alterations and repair are many: you have more to wear, get the most of your investment in your wardrobe and don’t have to dispose of unused items. With Zip n Stitch, we help you take care of pesky problems to increase the wearability and extend the life of your clothing. Grab that bag of “misfit” clothing and pay us a visit soon!

(c) Can Stock Photo / hayball