Summer is the most popular season of the year for weddings. If you’re a bride or bridesmaid, it should be a priority to have your dress professionally cleaned and stored as soon as possible after the big day. Whatever your role in this season’s big events, a great dress is an investment and one that is worth protecting. You never know when you might want to pass on that beautiful gown to another special someone or re-purpose it for a different special occasion.

For wedding guests, you may have that one “go to” dress that gets you through most formal events, or perhaps you’ve stretched your wedding wardrobe to the absolute limit. Either way, we’re here to help. Here are Klinke Cleaners’ top considerations to keep in mind to best preserve and protect your formal wear:

  • Time is of the essence. When it comes to professionally cleaning your wedding dress or other special gown, time is most definitely not on your side. The longer any stain is allowed to set – especially on very delicate fabrics – the less likely it will come out completely. And it’s nearly impossible with full-length gowns to avoid that “ring around the bottom” that inevitably comes from hustling and bustling around just about any venue, especially outdoors. If you’re jetting off on a honeymoon immediately after the big day, add an item to your wedding checklist to assign a family member or close friend dress drop-off duties.
  • What you can’t see can hurt you. The most stealth stains are those not immediately visible, such as white wine or other clear liquids. While they may not look like much in the short-term after they dry, if allowed to set unattended they can cause significant discoloration and damage to fabrics. For this reason, even if your ensemble looks good enough to hang right back in your closet, it’s a much safer bet to have it professionally cleaned promptly.
  • Care doesn’t end when you pick up your boxed or packaged dress. Typically, a preserved wedding dress is sealed in an airtight package. Tempting as it might be months or even years down the road to open it up and try it on, don’t do it unless you plan to have it re-cleaned and sealed. Also, be sure to store it in a cool, dry place. Another formal wear items that have been professionally cleaned also should be stored similarly, and away from direct sunlight that can fade and discolor fabrics.

When the big day has passed and you’re ready to protect your special wedding wear, make sure to bring it to your neighborhood Klinke Cleaners as soon as possible. We’re more than pleased to have a small but important role in life’s special occasions for our valued customers!

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