Stay on top of the latest professional trends with Klinke Cleaners. We want to keep you looking your best whether at work or at play, so we’ve found a few of the hottest trends for Spring 2013 for you.

Fashion for 2013 is getting a bit edgier according to Marie Claire with leather making a stronger appearance on the runways this year. Adding leather to your garments makes cleaning them at home almost impossible without ruining the garment, so it’s important to consider dry cleaning as you look to add these elements to your wardrobe. 

Another big trend is water inspired clothing. Expect to see more blues and greens and even sand colors cropping up on the racks of your favorite stores. In addition to the literal translation of beach colors into clothing, you’ll also find more horizontal stripes and fluid moving fabrics.

Speaking of stripes, the horizon of the beach may be what has inspired horizontal stripes, but you’ll also see stripes in every direction in the spring of 2013, some of them will even change direction half way through the fabric. This look is very eye catching but can be distracting in the workplace, so wear stripe trends in moderation. 

Cut outs and sheer fabric are a big trend this year and especially in the spring and summer months when people are looking to show a little more skin and celebrate the weather. Unfortunately, this look isn’t typically an easy one to pull off in a professional environment, but a few modest arm cut outs or sheer fabric insets might work. 

If you have concerns about cleaning your new spring 2013 wardrobe, please stop in and see one of the Klinke Cleaning specialists at your nearest location.