At Klinke Cleaners we commonly get questions about comforters or bedding that shrunk when it was washed at home or self-washed in a commercial Laundromat. Dry cleaning can prevent this from happening to your expensive bedding. 

When you clean household items, such as comforters, bedspreads and blankets yourself, you can expect to see some natural relaxation shrinkage. These items often have a backing, a shell fabric, decorative piping, quilting stitches or other features which react differently to washing than the rest of the item. When washed, you may notice some shrinking or puckering that wasn’t there before and that won’t go away. Suddenly you’re left with a product that doesn’t look better after washing but looks worse. 

Dry cleaning can help preserve your fabrics and keep them looking clean, fresh and new. But the best way to insure you don’t run into this situation is to look at the product carefully before you purchase it. The major cause of shrinking and puckering with household items and bedding is that the fabric was not properly preshrunk or stabilized. Check the label or information panel to see if it was preshrunk before purchasing. 

Something to note, a 2-4% shrinkage can still happen, even with proper, prescribed cleaning methods but anything more than that is excessive and you may want to contact the manufacturer.

Stop by your nearest Klinke Cleaners location and get your household bedding dry cleaned and ready for spring cleaning!