Like it or not, winter is almost upon us. Preparing for it in advance can make the transition to cold temperatures easier. Klinke Cleaners has put together five tips to make sure your winter gear is ready when you need it.

Unpack Winter Gear
Do you wait for the temperature to drop before you get your family’s winter gear together? Avoid scrambling for coats, gloves and hats when you’re trying to get the kids out the door to school. Unpack your winter gear ASAP, so you can assess it and get organized.

Try it On
If you’re an adult, there’s a good chance your winter gear from last year is still going to fit. But your kids have grown over the long, warm days of summer, and it’s highly likely that some of their gear will need replacing. Remember to try on gloves, hats, snow pants, boots, thermal underwear and winter jackets!

Make Gear Clean
If you simply stowed away winter gear last spring, you may find some of it is in need of cleaning. Here are some recommendations …

–  Follow the directions on the care labels.

–  Keep in mind that many synthetic and cotton fabrics are often hand or machine washable. A good rule of thumb is to wash in cold water on delicate cycle. If tumble drying, use the lowest temperature setting. When in doubt, bring your winter gear to Klinke Cleaners, and we’ll clean it for you.

–  Wool, fur and leather accessories may require special cleaning. Just bring them to us and we’ll take care of the rest! For leather, we’ve partnered with Leather Rich in Oconomowoc, who can safely clean your leather garments. We’ll get your garments to and from Leather Rich at no extra charge.

Buy New Gear
If anything’s too small, or simply worn out, replace it right away. A couple of weeks from now, sizes and styles will be slim pickings both in stores and online. If you do order online, we suggest doing a simple Google search for coupons or discounts from whomever you’re ordering from. And, if your children’s old coats are still in good shape, you have until October 4th to donate them to Koats for Kids.

Make Room in Your Closet
Store all of your spring and summer garments to make room for winter gear in your closet. Be sure to wash everything first so when spring rolls around, you’re good to go. Also, get some shelf liners and a rubber mat for boot and shoe storage. Your floors and shelves will thank you! 

If you have any questions about cleaning your winter gear, just give your local Klinke Cleaners a call. We’re always happy to help. 

We hope you enjoy the winter — and that the temperature doesn’t get as cold as last year!