What’s old is new again! Pull out some of those early 90’s outfits – a quick trip to the cleaners, via memory lane and you’re a fashionista again. 

Officially, Old Stuff Day is about nostalgia, not just old clothes. Think back to those great 80’s cartoons – He-Man, Gem and Holograms, Smurfs, Care Bears. How about the great John Hughes films? Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – is still a classic. MTV, giant cellphones, screeching modems, it’s all there – in a closet, under your bed, in the garage. Old Stuff Day is a day to reminisce and reflect. 

At Klinke’s we think more about clothing and fashion. Lucky for us, the high fashion of the last two decades of the 20th century are coming back around. Maybe mullets aren’t in, but a lot of old stuff is. Maybe now is a good time to do the closet cleaning you’ve been putting off – you could end up with a few new outfits for the weekend. 

The web is filled with suggestions for observing old stuff day. From movie marathons and photo albums, to trying to repair your Walkman for a sweat-banded run around the block, it doesn’t matter how you observe Old Stuff Day. Here’s what Klinke’s Suggests: 

Retro Fashion Party

Turn the hallway into a runway, and strut your stuff. Cap it off some fancy beverages and call it a party. 

VJ Marathon

Look, we all taped MTV waiting for that one video. Put on your favorite rock band t-shirt, dust off the VHS and hit rewind. 


Maybe you were more into the grunge scene. Pull out those flannels (stop by Klinke’s if you need them cleaned up a little), find your only slightly scratched Reality Bites CD and settle in for some slacking. 


One thing the 90’s had a lot of was computer stuff. From wires to floppy disks (the 3.5 inch ones that weren’t really floppy) to Zip Drives and printer cables, everything had a wire or cable. While you’re reminiscing, put that old junk into a box and recycle it. Save the world while remembering your carefree youth. 

The best part about Old Stuff day is that everything is old stuff. Scrunchies you bought last week? That’s old stuff now. Bugle Boy clothing, Hard Rock Café t-shirts, pants with 40-inch leg openings, it’s all Old Stuff. There’s a Baja Hoodie somewhere in your closet, or maybe a Starter Jacket. Dig it out and show us what you got!

Image credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / nito