Have you ever wondered why coffee stains are so difficult to remove from your clothing? Klinke Cleaners has the inside scoop on coffee stains and some suggestions on how to handle them.

Coffee stains have a reputation for being particularly stubborn. Most people assume that coffee itself is the culprit but the real problem is that everyone takes their coffee differently and every time you add something else to the coffee, you make the stain a bit more complex. 

Coffee itself is a tannin and water based stain. Milk or creamer is a protein based stain. Both types of stains need to be treated differently and protein stains can be pretty difficult to remove. Both types of stains should first be blotted and then treated with cold water and either a product specifically designed for that type of stain or you can try using vinegar to remove the tannin based coffee stain and a touch of ammonia for the protein based creamer stain. Be especially careful not to use water that is warm or hot on the protein stain as this can set the stain permanently. 

Because coffee stains are so complex and cannot only vary from person to person but from one cup to the next you want to be sure to tell your dry cleaner how you take your coffee so they know exactly what they’re dealing with. If you have any stubborn coffee stains, stop in at your local Klinke Cleaners to see how we can help.