Do you know that some dry cleaners tack an environmental fee onto the price of your dry cleaning? Klinke Cleaners believes in protecting the environment but doesn’t believe in sticking you with the bill. 

At Klinke Cleaners we often hear about other dry cleaners that quote a price for their services and then when their customers go to pay they find they’ve been up-charged with an environmental fee. Many of these customers are surprised and even somewhat annoyed to learn that they are paying more than they expected for their dry cleaning.

Dry cleaners that add an environmental fee to your charge often claim it’s used to defray their increased costs for storage, transportation and disposal. Klinke Cleaners simply doesn’t believe in charging our customers for any added environmental costs we may encounter. Being environmentally sound is what makes us a great dry cleaning company and that is something you should benefit from, not pay for. 

All of the Klinke Cleaners locations use EarthSmart Systems, which are the most advanced environmental practices and technologies that never sacrifice convenience, quality or customer service. What our EarthSmart Systems bring to you:

  • Our hydrocarbon solvent is more environmentally friendly, gentler on clothes and has no dry cleaning odor
  • Modern dry cleaning machines use advanced technology to recycle dry cleaning solvents
  • Solvent waste is non-hazardous and we use environmentally-friendly disposal methods
  • We reuse hangers and recycle non-useable ones
  • Our polyethylene garment bags are recycled
  • EarthSmart bags are available if you want to avoid polyethylene bags

Klinke Cleaners cares about the environment and our customers. We never surprise you with hidden environmental fees.