It happens at the start of every year: people make all kinds of resolutions about what they would like to organize, improve, lose or gain in the year ahead. But, when most statistics show that only about 8% of New Year’s Resolutions succeed, it seems we could all use whatever help we can get to make our resolutions a reality.

There are many small but important ways your favorite Wisconsin dry cleaner, Klinke Cleaners, can help when it comes to your clothes, your closet and your time. Here are a few tips for better organization, increased efficiency and looking your best in 2017:

• Download our mobile app. You can alert the store you are picking up your garments so we can have them waiting for you, access special mobile coupons, view in-process orders and find our nearest location – all conveniences to help save you time and money!

• Get familiar with our full range of services. For example, did you know we also clean household items such as rugs, comforters and pillows? Getting new life out of these items saves money and resources. Not to mention the great feeling of climbing into a warm bed in winter with freshly cleaned pillow and comforter.

• Commit to regular closet cleaning. When you find that old favorite dress or sweater balled up on a shelf, bring it to Klinke Cleaners to freshen it up. Also follow that golden rule of purging any items you have not worn in more than a year.

• Create a dedicated space for items that need attention, such as those with broken zippers or small holes. Most of these items can be quickly restored to good wearable condition with a trip to Zip n Stitch, the repair and alteration service available through Klinke Cleaners.

• Do you have a spouse, friend or family member who could benefit from these time- and resource-saving tips? If so, a Klinke Cleaners gift card is the perfect practical gift for that special person!

It’s often suggested that to commit to regular exercise, you should add it to your calendar just like you would a doctor appointment or business meeting. The same is true of caring for your clothes and managing your time. Add a daily, weekly or monthly reminder – whatever is best for your needs – and we’ll be here whenever you need us in 2017 and beyond!

(c) Can Stock Photo / PixelsAway