You may not know it, but April 7th is National No Housework Day. Rejoice! Confetti! On second thought, let’s not do the confetti just yet. It’s probably best to define the rules of No Housework Day, so you know what you’re in for – especially if there’s confetti involved. 

National No Housework Day is just like it sounds – a day where you do no housework. Sounds pretty fantastic right? It is, except that many people still need to get stuff done. Letting dishes, laundry, vacuuming, cooking and other chores slide for 24 hours is a luxury many just can’t indulge in. The challenge then becomes how to indulge in this most excellent holiday without your household falling apart. 

Some bloggers will tell you to just chill out, let it all go and enjoy some serious couch time. That’s some bad advice and here’s why: the point of National No Housework Day isn’t to do double the housework tomorrow! 

National No Housework Day: The Plan

To make this holiday happen in your home, you’ve got to call in some reinforcements, plan ahead, and prepare for resistance. Much like D-Day, H-Day requires some serious planning and strategizing. 

Step 1 – Get Help

Talk to the usual suspects and make sure they understand what’s going down. Ask Kids and/or a Spouse to lend an extra hand the day before. When they complain, tell them that National No Housework Day is a family celebration and that by helping out now, they can reap the rewards of pizza and couch time tomorrow! 

Step 2 – Prep

Prepare for laundry emergencies by throwing in an extra load the day before (or stop by Klinke’s – we’ve got your back). Plan a meal that needs no dishes or at least a minimal amount that you can stand to have sitting in your sink for a day. Peanut Butter and Jelly Picnic? Maybe order a pizza and make it a movie night. 

Step 3 – Outsourcing

Did you know you can dry clean just about anything? It’s true – at least as far as fabric and related materials are all fair game. Klinke Cleaners can’t get peanut butter and jelly out of your DVD player, but barring that we’re good to go. So call in the experts for this once-a-year pseudo-holiday. This will make your ultimate goal of no housework much easier to attain. 

Remember – National No Housework Day is as real as you want it to be, and deep down, don’t we all want a day without any housework? Follow the three steps above and you’re off to a relaxing (or at least cleaning free) day.


Image credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / macniak