Who do you think Scully and Mulder sent their suits to after a close encounter of the third kind? Klinke’s of course. Read on and learn about some of the oddest and most X-File-esque stains we’ve encountered. 

By now, you know that Klinke Cleaners is expert at stain removal and dry cleaning. The usual stains run the gamut of things from food (and the various affiliated proteins) to motor oil. What follows are some of the more bizarre stains and a summary of how we handled it. 

Squid Ink

Removing squid ink depends wholly on the material. Some sources say soaking for 24-hours and the use of very hot water will remove “most” of the stain. In the case of Architeuthis Dux(giant squid) we suggest accepting an all black wardrobe. It worked for Johnny Cash. 


Skinned knees, nosebleeds, paper cuts – these can all lead to some frustrating stains. Fortunately, blood is mostly protein and can be removed with cold water and a mixture of 1:1 water and white vinegar. 

Candle Wax

One of the more insidious stains, Candle Wax permeates fabric, seeping into the spaces between threads. The key to removal is freezing the wax, then gently removing it with a butter knife. The wax should just flake away. In the event a freezer is not nearby, cold water or an ice cube will work. 


Not exactly strange, but a potent stain with a lot of staying power, curry can ruin just about any outfit. Removal should happen as soon as possible. Remove the excess immediately. Pre-treat the stain with glycerin and wash in warm water. 

Helicopter Grease

Problematic because of the pressure and quantity that escapes when a spill occurs, a helicopter grease accident can stain everyone’s clothing. Fortunately, a mixture of dish soap and water can break down the oils and go a long way towards removing the stain. 


When asked to remove Bee Troot, we’d have to consult an animal control specialist or a beekeeper. After a little Google searching, we learned that Beetroot is another term for Beets. Fortunately, research shows that soda water and washing as soon as possible can remove the stain. 

Nickelodeon Slime

There is no known cleaner for this mysterious substance. Beware!

Image credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Vagengeym