Black and white dresses were all the rage at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. And all we could wonder as each beautiful actress walked the red carpet was, “who’s going to be dry cleaning that dress?” 

The reason for this question isn’t solely based on our obsession with quality dry cleaning — it’s actually quite practical because an inexperienced drycleaner could easily turn a stunning black and white dress into a grey mess.

Often, the black dye isn’t colorfast and can bleed onto the white fabric and ruin the dress. At Klinke Cleaners, our experienced dry cleaners know that they need to test for colorfastness to protect your garments, whereas other less experienced cleaners might just clean the dress outright. 

Whether you’re a fashion trendsetter, or prefer a more classic look, Klinke Cleaners is here to take care of your clothes! 

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