It’s that time of year again; time to store your winter sweaters, coats, and accessories and bring out your spring clothes. With these tips from Klinke Cleaners you can help protect your clothing and keep them in great condition longer. 

Using the following tips from Klinke Cleaners before you store your clothing can extend the life of your garments and save you money in the process 

  • Launder all clothing, even if it seems clean. Insects are attracted to food and perspiration stains that you might not even see. And some stains become darker over time.
  • If you’re washing at home, avoid fabric softener, starch, sizing or bleach as they can attract insects too.
  • Dry clean clothing that has moth damage before storing as the dry cleaning will kill any eggs.
  • Make sure everything is completely dry before storing, moisture leads to damage.
  • Mothballs and cedar repel insects.
  • Store clothing in a cool, dark, well-ventilated area – garages, basements and attics are typically not ideal. 

When you pull your clothing out of storage, use these tips to refresh your garments and give them that brand new feeling. 

  • If you stored your clothing with mothballs you need to clean them after storage. The fumes that make them effective also make them hazardous to people.
  • Also, if you washed your clothing yourself before storing you, hopefully, remembered to skip the fabric softener. To freshen them you may want to toss your dryer safe clothing in the dryer with a dryer sheet for a few minutes to remove static and give them a freshly cleaned smell.
  • Check for stains. Invisible stains can darken and set in during storage and may need professional cleaning to remove them.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry your storage containers so they’re ready the next time you need them. 

Stop in at one of the Klinke Cleaners locations if you have any questions about how to launder your clothing or store it for the season.