Klinke Cleaners goes out of its way so you don’t have to. Klinke Cleaners gives you same day service, on-site processing, express service at no charge and quality that is unsurpassed.

If you’re a customer of Klinke Cleaners, you already know that we are known for our quality service and quick turnaround times. However, are you aware of everything that Klinke Cleaners does to make our dry cleaning services the most convenient for our customers? Make sure you’re taking advantage of all we have to offer.

Convenience at Klinke Cleaners

  • Same day service – bring your items in by 10am and they’ll be ready by 4pm
  • 15 locations in Dane County – 21 locations in Wisconsin, convenient to home or work
  • Drive thru’s for convenient drop off and pick up
  • On-site production at 13 of the Dane County Klinke Cleaner Locations
    • Your clothes never leave the store
    • You can speak directly to the person who will be caring for your clothing
    • No additional handling with transportation
    • FREE Express Service
      • Free bag to drop off clothing without waiting
      • Express bag can be dropped in a drop box anytime, 24/7
      • Store credit card information on file so there will be no waiting at pick up
      • Frequent Cleaner Reward points can earn 50% off an entire order

Klinke Cleaners wants to take the hassle out of dry cleaning and make it as convenient as possible for you.