Did you know that Klinke Cleaners recycles hangers and plastic garment bags?

Recycling Hangers
As part of our eco-friendly dry cleaning philosophy, we offer free hanger caddies that make it a breeze for you to bring empty hangers back to your local Klinke Cleaners. We reuse as many hangers as possible, and those we can’t reuse (usually because they’re too bent) go to a scrap metal shop for recycling.

And, if you bring in a caddy full of hangers you’ll receive $2 off your order!

Recycling Plastic Garment Bags
We’re also happy to recycle our clear plastic garment bags. Simply drop them off at your local Klinke Cleaners and we’ll get them to a plastic recycling facility.

Another option is to use our EarthSmart bags, which can be used like one of our express bags for Klinke’s Express Service. We love EarthSmart bags because they also act as garment bags to protect your clothes on the ride home, or on a trip.

If you’re already signed up for our free express service (or you’re a new sign-up) the cost of an EarthSmart bag is only $5.

Want the bag for free? Sign up for Klinke Cleaners free email coupons which are sent at the beginning of each month. One of the monthly coupons provides you with a free bag when you sign up for our Express Service, or you are an existing express service customer, and you bring in three drycleaning garments or six dress shirts! Additional EarthSmart bags can be purchased for $10 each.

At Klinke Cleaners, we’re dedicated to keeping your clothes — and the earth — as clean as possible!