Extend the life of your favorite clothing with Zip n Stitch services that include minor repairs, buttons, hemming, zippers, patches, and adjustments to the waist and sleeves.  Your most frequently requested alterations are now available at Klinke Cleaners. 

When you lose a button on a favorite shirt do you fix it, stack it in a pile of clothing that needs attention or get rid of it? Why not take it to Klinke Cleaners and leave it to us? 

Klinke Cleaners wants to help you extend the life of your clothing by providing the small repairs and alternations you need to keep those garments around and not collecting dust in the back of your closet. This is why we’ve created our new Zip n Stitch division. Zip n Stitch services include: 

  • ·         Minor repairs
  • ·         Buttons
  • ·         Hemming
  • ·         Zippers
  • ·         Patches
  • ·         Waist, seat, crotch and sleeve adjustments

Our new alterations service is an extension of the convenience that you’ve come to expect from Klinke Cleaners. You have the option of coming to our Zip n Stitch location on Monona Dr., or all of our Klinke Cleaners locations now offer Zip n Stitch services in addition to the quality dry cleaning you’ve come to rely on.