Did you know that summer travel can cause wear on your clothing and shorten their lifespan? Klinkes has some tips to help you maintain your clothing as you travel this summer. 

Summer is a wonderful time to gather the family together and head to the beach or across the country to explore new places. Unfortunately, one of the more tedious parts of the trip is packing. Klinke Cleaners has some travel tips for you to make that chore a bit easier. 

1)     Thoroughly clean your clothes before packing. Carefully inspect the clothing you plan on bringing before you wash at home or bring everything to a dry cleaner so you can be certain it’ll be clean when you get to your destination.

2)     Pack your clothing carefully so you don’t cause more damage. Rolling items can eliminate wrinkles you’d get if you folded them.

3)     Hang up and put your clothing away in drawers when you reach your destination to prevent further wrinkling.

4)     Have your clothing dry cleaned when you return. Most summer vacations feature a lot of bug spray, chlorine, sand, sunscreen and other things that can wear, stain or ruin your clothing. Getting them professionally cleaned immediately upon your return is the best way to preserve your clothing and it eliminates that task from your To Do List. 

Stop in at any one of our Klinke Cleaners locations to have your vacation laundry dry cleaned or look for one of our stores when you’re vacationing in Wisconsin.