March in Wisconsin typically looks something like this: piles of mostly melted snow that are a lovely charcoal grey color thanks to engine exhaust. The grass underneath that newly melted snow a soaked, bland brown color. And, in our homes, windows that have been sealed shut for too long over a cold winter.

But spring is also the time we might hear the first chirp of a robin or spring training baseball on the radio. We might see kids running around in shorts and sandals long before adults think it is quite warm enough to do so. And, of course, spring also brings that annual right of passage – spring cleaning! It’s time to throw open the windows and clear out the clutter.

As you look ahead to the freshness and renewal that define the spring season, keep in mind that Klinke Cleaners offers the following household cleaning services to help get your home in tip top shape:

  • Rugs. Especially after snow and salt and sand gets tracked over them all winter, rugs are in need of more than a good shake out. In addition to getting rugs clean and fresh, we can remove scuffs or stains, too.
  • Leather and suede coats. Before you store your cool weather leather and suede coats for the summer, ensure these fine fabrics are properly cleaned and protected.
  • Comforters. Bring on the lighter blankets of spring and summer! When you have your winter blankets and comforters cleaned by Klinke’s before storing them, they will be fresh and clean and ready to go when you inevitably have to pull them out again next fall.
  • Pillows. Cleaning your pillows periodically keeps them fresh and clean no matter the season. We’ll not only clean the stuffing but also replace the ticking.

In addition to your household items, if you have a spring break trip coming up or are just getting an early start on transitioning your closet to spring and summer, we are happy to help keep you and your clothes looking your best! We look forward to serving you soon at your neighborhood Klinke Cleaners.

(c) Can Stock Photo / 4774344sean