While back to school is full of expected stresses, there are always a few clothing related emergencies that you don’t expect. Klinke Cleaners is here to help you get ready for school with some very useful and time saving tips. 

Back to school and clothing go hand in hand, so do stains and ill fitting clothing and torn garments. Klinke Cleaners has some tips to help you get through the back to school season and salvage your kids’ clothing (and yours) as much as possible. 

Pen and Pencil Stains. Removing pen and pencil stains can be difficult. If you’d like to try to get them out at home a stain treater that soaks for several hours or overnight can be very effective. For pencil marks you can try to erase them before treating, but make sure you’re using a clean eraser or you could make a bigger mess. 

Alterations. Sometimes clothing can withstand a growth spurt or two with a few alterations. If you don’t want to attempt them yourself, try our Zip n Stitch Alterations services. A great tip is that if your child is too tall for their expensive pants, maybe they could be altered into a pair of shorts.

Torn Clothing. Much like alterations, sometimes you don’t need to trash the clothing, but you can repair the tears. At Zip n Stitch Alterations, we’ll evaluate the clothing to determine if a repair is possible. 

Old Stains. Sometimes you don’t even realize a stain is there until you pull the clothing out of storage and put it on again. These stains have had a long time to really incorporate with the fibers but there still may be some hope. In this situation dry cleaning is your best option, try any of our Klinke Cleaners locations and make sure you point out the stain so they can thoroughly analyze it. 

Good luck to everyone who is heading back to school and to all the parents who are preparing for the big day