Winter is finally over!

And as the warm weather sets in, many people begin storing their winter clothing to make room for lighter, brighter clothes. Here are eight tips on how to properly care for and store your winter garments, so they’re protected and ready to wear when the temperature drops again.   

1) Take all of your winter clothes to the dry cleaners or put them in the wash before placing garments into storage. This is important because some stains that are currently invisible may darken with age, plus dirt and food are invitations to insects.

2) Make repairs now. Sew sagging hemlines, replace missing buttons and fix split seams. You’ll be glad you did when you take your garments out of storage. No time to do it yourself? Bring it to your local Klinke Cleaners — our Zip n Stitch service will take care of it for you!

3) Store all items in a cool, well-ventilated area. Avoid hot attics, damp basements and garages, which can damage fabrics or create mildew from condensation.

4) Store your dry cleaning and machine washed items away from natural and artificial light. A cool, dark closet is a good location for storage. If you have wool items, cedar chests or other airtight containers will help protect the fabric. Good second choices for storage are cloth or canvas bags and cardboard boxes. If you store your garments in a closet, drape a cloth sheet over your clothes to protect them from dust and light. Be sure not to store leather, fur or wool in plastic, because plastic encourages moisture, which can create mildew. 

5) Pack airtight containers (other than cedar chests) with mothballs suspended above or separate from the clothes. Never place mothballs directly on clothes. Cedar blocks or chips also discourage moths.

6) To decrease wrinkles in sweaters, fold and wrap them in white tissue paper before storing. If you hang your sweaters, fold over the cross bar to avoid shoulder stretches. We can take care of folding your sweaters and placing them in tissue when you bring them in for dry cleaning.

7) Down, like all winter clothing, should be cleaned (either washed or taken to the dry cleaners according to the care label) before storage. Down should be stored loosely to allow for air circulation.

8) Furs should be stored on a well-padded hanger in a cool, dark place — ideally with a professional fur storage company.

Following these simple tips will keep your winter gear safe, clean and ready to use once the weather turns cold again.

Happy spring from Klinke Cleaners!