Although we’re enjoying the last of the summer weather here in Wisconsin, in the next few weeks – as the evenings get colder and leaves begin to fall – we’ll start pulling sweaters, warm pants, and boots from the recesses of our closets where they have spent the last few months. 

When we swap our summer wardrobes for winter clothes, we may find some of our favorite pieces not looking or smelling fresh and ready to wear. Our suggestion for getting a jump on the fall/winter season? Schedule an hour this weekend or next to pick out your key cool weather items and drop them at one of our convenient locations for a cleaning. When you wake up on that first 30-degree morning, you’ll be glad you did! 

We always provide our signature express service (Monday through Saturday guarantee: shirts and dry cleaning in by 10am, ready at 4pm). So even with our unpredictable weather you’ll be ready for cooler temps in no time. 

Don’t forget that in addition to standard garments, we also clean coats (including leather and suede), rugs, drapes, comforters and pillows. Fall is great time to clean these common households items so they’re fresh and ready for the coming winter. 

As you’re getting ready to trade in your tank tops for turtlenecks, tell us: what are your favorite winter staples? A big, fuzzy wool sweater? The black boots that go with everything? A scarf or wrap that provides an extra layer of warmth? All of these items will be back in circulation before you can say, “Is the chili ready?”