Let’s suppose you need to freshen up a suit, dress, or other item of clothing? Does it really matter where you take your dry-cleaning?

We can understand that from the outside all Wisconsin dry cleaners probably seem to be the same. When you look a little bit deeper, though, you’ll find the best stand out in several important ways.

To give you a sense of what these differences are, and why you should care, here are a few things that separate Klinke Cleaners from all the rest in Madison, Milwaukee, and beyond…

Reliable Dry-Cleaning – with nearly 60 years of history with dry-cleaning and stain removal, you can count on us to make sure your clothes come back to you fresh, pressed, and looking brand-new! Customers turn to us because they know we can get the job done right the first time.

Clear, Affordable Pricing – unlike some other dry cleaners, we don’t hit our customers with hidden fees. And, with our points system and hanger recycling program, you can earn dry-cleaning discounts every time you visit one of our Wisconsin locations.

Top-Notch Service – we know you have lots of dry cleaners to choose from. That’s why we work hard to earn your business each and every time you walk through our doors. Look online, and you’ll see for yourself that we have earned higher marks than anyone else in our industry.

Environmentally-Friendly Dry-Cleaning – we don’t just use cleaning agents that are safe for the environment; we do it as a standard service without any extra charges. Many dry cleaners make you pay more to be responsible, but we want to make caring for the planet easy and affordable.

Outstanding Community Service – Klinke Cleaners has a long history of community service, which includes our Koats for Kids program. To date, we’ve cleaned and distributed more than 300,000 winter coats for the less fortunate. We’ve also collected and donated prom dresses and other items for Wisconsin youth.

Convenience – by using modernized computers and check-in systems, we get customers in and out of our locations – and back to their busy lives – faster than anyone. We even offer free express service for those who want to drop off clothing items as needed.

Additional Cleaning and Repair Services – although we are well-known as the best dry cleaners in Wisconsin, we also offer alterations and leather cleaning services. No matter what you have in your closet that needs to be freshened up, we can probably help.

To us, these advantages aren’t just marketing points. They represent our values, and the way we would want to be treated by the businesses we work with. And judging by the number of repeat customers we’ve earned over the years, most of you seem to agree!