No matter what you do in life, the clothes you wear affect how you feel. If your clothes make you feel more positive, they can help propel you toward attaining your goals. 

At first read, this may sound like a bit of a stretch — but it’s not.

Just like eating right and exercising regularly leads to a happier mind and body, so does wearing clothes you’re physically and psychologically comfortable in. You don’t need to be wearing a suit or dressy garments in order for this to be true. All you need is clothes that are clean and wrinkle free that fit well. 

This ties into a simple, yet powerful philosophy, which was beautifully summed up by Muhammad Ali when he said, “What you are thinking about, you are becoming.” 

He’s right. The conversation that’s going on inside our minds has a huge affect on our lives. The more we can keep it positive, and focused on our goals, the better chance we have of accomplishing them. Popular books like The Secret, and Think and Grow Rich are based on this premise. 

What if you have a big goal that’s overwhelming?

First, put on a cozy pair of slippers and your favorite PJs in the comfort of your own home. Feels less overwhelming already, doesn’t it? Then examine your goal and break it down into manageable steps. In other words, determine the milestones you need to accomplish to get from where you are, to where you want to be. At first, you might not have all of the pieces of the puzzle figured out. That’s OK. Just map out as many of the steps as you can — especially what your first few will be — and get started. 

As you work on accomplishing your goals, remember that your wardrobe can help you get there. 

Best of luck from Klinke Cleaners!