Lost buttons are a problem for everyone. Klinke Cleaners has some tips for you when sewing on your own button OR stop in to one of our locations and we’ll repair your standard buttons for free when you get that item dry cleaned. 

Buttons fall off of clothing, it’s one of those unfortunate facts of life. But to repair a loose button or reattach one that has fallen off doesn’t take a professional seamstress. All you need is a needle, matching thread and a steady hand. 

Use about 24 inches of thread, thread it through the eye of the needle, fold it in half and tie a knot in the tail ends. This gives you about 12 inches of thread to sew with and doubled-over thread can be much easier to work with.

Create a small anchor spot or an X where the button will be placed. When the thread is doubled over you can make sure it stays secure by running the needle through the back between the threads. 

Place the button over the anchor X and begin sewing through the holes, from the back side up and then down through another hole. You should loop through the holes at least six times. On the last pass go through the button but not the fabric. Work the needle out between the button and the fabric and wrap the threads around the connecting threads between the button and the fabric. Wrap several times and then feed the needle through the fabric. 

Make a knot in the back by drawing the needle through the threads that are already there. You want this back repair area to look very neat. Break off the thread and you’re ready to go. 

At Klinke Cleaners we know that loose and lost buttons can be a nuisance and you may not have the time or the inclination to repair them yourself. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered, stop at any Klinke Cleaners location to have your standard buttons repaired for free when you get that item dry cleaned.