We all have that one favorite pair of jeans we wish we could wear every day and that we want to last forever. But stains from coffee, nail polish, grease, red wine, and even blood can strike from anywhere, ruining your beloved denim in an instant. 

What can you do to save them? 

Your best option, of course, is to bring them by Klinke Cleaners right away. Our team is expert at stain removal and can probably restore your jeans to perfect condition quickly and affordably. Still, we know that visiting a dry cleaner isn’t always an option – customers still have cleaning emergencies when they are out of town or trying to stay in to avoid bad weather. 

With that in mind, here are a handful of good tips for removing stains from your favorite denim, on your own and wherever you might happen to be when disaster strikes: 

Blood Stains on Denim

If the blood is still fresh and drying, you have a good chance of removing the stain completely. Begin by dabbing at the affected area with a clean cloth, being careful not to spread the blood around and make the stain bigger. Then, take a white cloth soaked in cold water and gently dab until the remaining blood comes away. 

If the blood dries before you are able to clean it, follow the same process, but with a touch of detergent added to the cold water. 

Removing Ink Stains From Denim

Did you have a pen with permanent ink break open and stain your favorite pair of jeans? Don’t panic – although ink stains are among the most stubborn, they aren’t impossible to remove. If you absolutely can’t bring them by a Klinke Cleaners location, try using cold water mixed with rubbing alcohol. Applied to a cloth and dabbed onto the stain, it may be enough to undo the damage. 

How to Get Red Wine Stains From Denim

Red wine stains can also be tricky, but not impossible. The first thing to know is that you should try to act quickly and keep a red wine stain wet. Once it dries, you’ll have a harder time getting the stain out of your denim. Cold water (or club soda, in a pinch) should be mixed with a mild detergent that has hydrogen peroxide (as many types of laundry and dish detergent do). Dab at the stain with a sponge slowly until it lifts. 

Coffee and Food Stains

Luckily, coffee and food stains are generally pretty easy to deal with, and denim stands up to them well. Simply mix warm (but not hot) water with a mild detergent or a bit of white vinegar, and then dab at the affected area slowly until you can no longer see the stain. Things will be easier if the stain is still fresh, but even dried food and coffee can usually be removed without too many difficulties. 

Taking Grease Stains Out of Denim

Grease stains can be among the toughest to remove from denim, and a visit to your local dry cleaner should be your first choice, if possible. If that’s not an option, you can mix lukewarm water with a very mild detergent and dab at the stain. Then, try a mixture of cold water and rubbing alcohol as a follow-up. If it’s still visible, you can try using a mixture of water and dish liquid on the affected area. 

Nail Polish Stains and Denim

Nail polish stains are tough to work with because they interact with many household cleaners. While a professional drycleaner has substances that can safely remove nail polish stains from jeans, it’s a bit tougher at home. Your best bet is to try applying a bit of acetone to the area. However, it’s a good idea to test it on a non-visible section of the jeans first, since the acetone itself can be damaging to certain inks and dyes used in denim. 

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Image credit: http://www.canstockphoto.com/denim-24298740.html