After a long winter trapped inside, everybody wants to get out and play. With that play comes grass stains, and Klinke Cleaners will help you remove those stains. 

Just about the only downfall to a beautiful Wisconsin day are the grass stains, well, that and that there just aren’t enough of them. At Klinke Cleaners we can help you deal with one of those problems, unfortunately, we do not have any influence on the weather. 

The first step in treating a grass stain is understanding it. Grass stains are typically a mixture of different materials, proteins, organic matter, and chlorophyll which is a pigmented compound, meaning that it’s a dye.  Another reason grass stains can be so stubborn is that the pigments are similar to natural fibers like cotton and when they come in contact the stain actually bonds to the fabric fibers. 

Do not tackle grass stains with ammonia, degreasers or an alkaline detergent that you may typically use for other stains, this can set the stain in permanently. There are products with enzymes built in them to handle grass stains specifically. Bleach also removes grass stains. While bleach applied directly to a fabric can damage it, some detergents with color safe bleach may work wonders on your grass stain. Apply the detergent directly and let sit for about 15 minutes prior to washing. 

Some at home remedies that may help are rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, a combination of bleach and hydrogen peroxide, or Karo syrup. We can’t guarantee any of these methods will work, but it might be worth a shot. 

If your garment is dry clean only, then you should avoid all home remedies and bring it to a Klinke Cleaners location as soon as possible. Make sure you point out the stain so we can treat it appropriately.