Its fairly obvious that gas-powered automobiles still play a large role in our world. But did you know that if youre an owner of one of these cars or trucks, there are simple ways you can make them more green? Getting more miles out of each gallon of gas not only reduces gasoline consumption, but also reduces carbon emissions while saving you money! So, without further adieu, here are some super-simple ways to make your gas-powered car more efficient and green

The lighter your car, the less fuel it takes to move it around. So, if you’ve been toting around anything you don’t need like kids sports equipment, bikes, ski equipment, pet crates or a 40-lb. bag of water softener salt removes it from your trunk! During our Wisconsin winters, be sure to remove all of the snow from your car before driving, which can remove quite a bit of weight.

Keeping your tires at an optimal pressure (PSI) can go a long way in reducing fuel consumption. It also gives your vehicle better handling. Some tires and rims do a better job sustaining a consistent pressure, while others may leak more readily. Aluminum rims are notorious for air-pressure loss. Temperature changes also affect your PSI. In cold months, the air in your tires condenses, causing tire pressure to drop. In summer months the air expands, raising tire pressure.

The next time you need tires, consider installing low-rolling-resistance tires, which have the potential to save hundreds of gallons of gas during their lifetime as opposed to using older-technology tires.

Which grade of gas do you use regular, plus or premium? Even if your owners manual suggests using premium in your car, theres a good chance running it on regular will be just fine. In most cases, the only change you may notice is slightly slower acceleration. Please check with your auto dealer first before downgrading your grade of gasoline.

Also, you can prevent fuel spillage by avoiding topping off once the automatic nozzle stops the flow of gas. When possible, fill up at gas stations that use vapor recovery nozzles. Every bit of vapor reduction helps.

Lowering, or completely turning off your air conditioner, can lessen fuel consumption up to 21%. We understand that during summer months this is not always possible, but being mindful of your AC use can help reduce fuel costs.

Unfortunately, riding around with your windows open also increases fuel consumption because it lessens the aerodynamic efficiency of your vehicle. This is exacerbated when driving on the highway. When possible, simply open the vents and turn the temperature dial to cold for fresh air intake.

Avoid quick accelerations and stops, and keep your speed in check. Once you pass 55 mph, your car will start using a higher volume of gas. For example, driving 65 mph instead of 75 mph can reduce gas usage by 13 percent. Of course, safety comes first, but it once again comes down to being mindful of how you’re driving your car. If you had a car accident and you were going slower you’re also gonna reduce your chance of causing serious harm to yourself and others around you. If you do end up in a car crash consider consulting with a personal injury attorney. Another tip is to never idle your car. Turn it off if you’re parked. Keeping your car running wastes far more gas than restarting it.


Keep your car tuned up to the owner manuals specifications. Make sure youre changing your oil regularly, and choose a reusable air filter instead of a disposable one.

Monitor Your Mileage

As you implement these strategies, monitor how many miles per gallon youre getting so you can gauge how much improvement these changes have made. We suggest filling up your tank before making any changes, resetting your odometer to zero, and getting a baseline of your cars current MPG. Then make as many changes as you want.

Before putting these tips into action, remember to insure your car in order to drive it on the road as doing this will cover you in any accident that may happen in the future. There are many insurance companies out there that can offer you a quote, but if its van cover you’re after in particular then look into for more information. Don’t forget to check out cheap car insurance near me as well. Having a local car insurer can improve communication channels.

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