Luckily, the bed bug infestation that has hit other parts of the United States hasn’t hit Wisconsin very hard, but the possibility is there. Klinke Cleaners wants to help you fight bed bugs.

While you typically read about bed bug infestations in larger cities, New York has been hit very hard in the last few years, living in a smaller community like those served by Klinke Cleaners aren’t immune. Here’s where we’re located so you know where you can get help:

Madison, Wisconsin

Middleton, Wisconsin

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Verona, Wisconsin

Stoughton, Wisconsin

Mequon, Wisconsin

Delafield, Wisconsin

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Waukesha, Wisconsin

Brookfield, Wisconsin

Bed bugs are generally transported as stowaways and can be moved about on luggage, clothing, bedding, furniture and other objects. Places that have a lot of overnight traffic are particularly susceptible and they’re where you’re most apt to pick up a bed bug. Eliminating an infestation requires removing or treating all affected items.

If you are going to bring affected items to a professional dry cleaner, like Klinke Cleaners, it is vital that you secure all items in a plastic bag and let your dry cleaner know that there are bed bugs inside. Please note that only our managers are allowed to handle items with bed bugs so please call ahead to arrange to meet with our manager before dropping off the cleaning.