Ink stains are a universal problem and removing an ink stain is something even professional dry cleaners can struggle with at times. But your chances of getting out ink stains improve when you hire Klinke Cleaners.

Ink stains can not only ruin your day, they can completely ruin your garment. Ink is designed to be permanent and this is the biggest reason that an ink stain is difficult to remove from your clothing, but the age of the stain, the type of fabric of your garment and the color fastness of your garment all play into the ink stain removal process.

The first step for either a professional dry cleaner or a DIY ink stain remover is to identify the type of stain. This may not be possible, but the location of the stain and the appearance of it may help you determine what the culprit was.

Your Klinke Cleaners dry cleaner has a number of chemicals at his disposal that can help in the removal of ink stains.  Knowing what type of stain it is will help with selecting the right cleaning agent.  If there is residual stain, using an oxidizing agent and reducing bleach may solve the problem. But remember, each garment and fabric is different and they will all respond in different, and sometimes unpredictable, ways.

If you are determined to try and remove the ink stain from your clothing on your own, there are a couple of home remedies you can try. These ink removal tips may cause damage to the fabric and may affect the color of your garment. Klinke Cleaners strongly urges you to have a professional dry cleaner attempt to deal with your ink stains but if you understand the risk and still want to try to remove an ink stain yourself we suggest the following techniques.

  • Using a small amount of hairspray may loosen the stain and make it possible for you to blot it up.
  • Soaking a garment in a quarter cup of warm water with a half teaspoon dishwashing detergent and a tablespoon of white vinegar may work but vinegar can be very damaging on cotton and linen.
  • Place the ink stain on top of an absorbent pad and pour some rubbing alcohol onto the stain. Again, alcohol may damage some fabrics.

Klinke Cleaners cautions you to never toss an ink stained garment into the laundry with your other clothing as the stain can transfer to other garments. Similarly, make sure to tell your dry cleaner if you’ve got an ink stained item so they can handle it appropriately.

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