Do you have a fabric couch or chair that’s full of stains? Avoid the temptation of removing the upholstery and throwing it in the wash.

Many people believe that couch and chair cushions have zippers so that the upholstery can be removed and cleaned at home. Not true. Zippers are used in the manufacturing process to make it easier to insert and secure cushions into place. Most manufacturers do not expect the cover to be removed from the cushion during use or cleaning. 

Most manufacturers have adopted “cleanability codes” that help consumers understand how to care for the upholstery on their furniture. Typically, these codes are found on the permanent label, or possibly on a temporary tag attached to the furniture. 

Washing upholstery in your washing machine can cause many problems, including:
– Shrinkage of fabric
– Discoloration
– Deterioration of the back (inside) of the upholstery if a tumble cleaning method is used 

So, you might be wondering, what are the best ways to clean upholstery? Let’s review safe ways to remove stains and dirt:

Have Your Upholstery Professionally Cleaned
Upholstery is usually cleaned by a professional cleaning process while still on the furniture. This ensures that the cushion covers continue to match the rest of the furniture, and it greatly reduces the possibility of shrinkage. Many carpet cleaners also perform upholstery cleaning. Doing a Google search for “upholstery cleaner” will quickly identify options in your area. We suggest choosing someone who is eco-friendly to ensure the safety of your family and the environment.

Cleaning Upholstery Yourself
Don’t want to hire a professional? Try spot cleaning small stains yourself. Always test your spot cleaner in a place that’s usually concealed (like the back of the couch, or possibly the bottom of a cushion) to make sure there’s no discoloration. Again, eco-friendly products are best. Sometimes, even a damp rag can remove a stain. 

Dry Cleaning Upholstery

Professionally dry cleaning your upholstery makes shrinkage less likely. But once dry cleaned, the upholstery may no longer be an exact match with the frame of the couch.

Flip Your Cushions
One quick fix is to simply flip your cushions so the stained side is facing down. 

We hope our advice on cleaning upholstery helps. If you need other household items like drapes and comforters cleaned — bring it to Klinke Cleaners, and we’ll take care of it. Of course, we’re also pretty good at cleaning clothes, as well. Just stop by any of our convenient locations, to drop your items off. 

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